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Click, the clock is moving 
Hit the lights, I want to sleep
Click, I hear the time as it flies by
Give me mercy, just stop

Click, eyes move back and forth 
My mind is running in circles 
Click, click, I fear my time is near 
The faster I write the faster it fades 

Click, I can see past that 
People pass unnoticingly 
Click, here he comes 
He haunts, the reaper of the damned 

Click, my brothers stand beside me 
Not knowing who of us will make it
Click, click, it’s coming fast
We hurry and we strain 

Click, is there hope for me yet? 
I pump the last bit of blood
Click, my light is flickering 

Click, click, click….. 

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Keep your head up sunshine
Just to know this day is still alive 
Let me hold your hand, as it’ll help to pass the time
I’ll turn off al our clocks, and just keep you in my mind
One less thing to worry, one less thing to hide 

Keep your eyes dry darling
We’ll sit and talk about the tides
How back and forth they seem
And you knowI’ll hold tight listening
While peering in your pale blue eyes

Keep me in your heart honey
As you’ll always hold a place in mine
Close your eyes, I’ll help you see 
Just how beautiful you are to me

Keep talking to me sugar
I’ll always be right here to listen
I want to know you like my favorite book
Let me hear today your story, let me see you grin 

Keep me warm tonight dear
I’ll hold you ‘till the sun comes up
Please don’t fret, I’m just right here 
Look up and just keep it up

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I say…. I say… Fuck You Man!
Fuck the establishment
Fuck the hopes and dreams of a young boy longing for his dad to call
Fuck whatever the man told you to say
Fuck that feeling that makes you hate every fiber of your own being
Fuck the thoughts that come at night when I can’t sleep
Fuck the fact that I am so afraid to let people like me
Fuck the fact I have lost so many people I miss cold heartedly each and every day
Fuck the feeling in my gut
Fuck the drugs and all the so-called friends
Fuck me man…..

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Red like the leaves of fall
 Fall like a kid on the bus
  A bus that leaves behind any hope and any dream to be on time
   Time, what we all cherish
     What will we do when the water has all gone?

Make more..

More of life
More of time
More of water and light

Water is blue
      Blue like the sky
           Blue like her eyes 
               Blue in daylight

And dark blue at night

At night we see the water rise.
While the sun goes down to see her shine.
She shines for him.
Him because he is the lone wolf of a pack once lost

Lost like the flying beast that caused such commotion in its daze.

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What I’d give to just wrap my arms around you, to just for a minute hold you and forget everything else. Feeling your heartbeat next to mine, closing my eyes knowing you are there. The smell of your hair taking me away from anything and everything, your essence filling me completely. I kiss you. The moon falls out of the sky. As thunder rolls and bolts of lightning strike above. I fall.

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I want you.

In the simplest of terms,
In each and every way,
Away from worries and concerns.
I’ll take your hand if I may.

I’m hooked at the end of your string.
Pulling back the corners of my mouth,
Back and forth like a broken swing.
Attracting me as north to south.

Pacing in my head driving me mad
The theiving felons screaming,
“I want you so bad!”
Thoughtful of shared dreaming.

I send out this wavelength,
As a declaration of my weakness.
To you that gives me strength,
To look past all my bleakness.

I want you.

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Should I feel the color of your hair,
See your heartfelt cries,
Smell the fire in your glare,
Taste all your goodbyes?

Should I hold back my every urge,
Take back my every word,
Ask lightning not to surge;
Tie down the wings of every bird?

Should I look away when I see you,
Deny all these strange things I feel,
Paint the sky a midnight blue,
Close my lips and form a seal?

Should I hide behind this social wall,
As I watch myself grow weak,
Help the tyrant to stay tall?
And behind his cape ill peak.

Searching for my self through the crowd.

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Somethings are not what they appear
Somethings are hidden
Those things we fear

We fear what we don’t know
We fear all sudden change
We feel that we must go
Away from those we think as strange

Yet there is no need for fear
There is need for an embrace
There is no harm from just a tear
A single tear rolls down your face

Sadness in your eyes
Rolling down your cheek
From all the agony and lies
With which you hide, I seek

You hide behind your smile
Still I see the lies
These lies they are so vile
They make for cloudy eyes

Time passes ever so slowly
It almost seems to stop
I sit here so lone and lowly
Suddenly there is a drop

A sudden drop in atmosphere
As we leave this life
No longer living in fear
We move into the afterlife

“Sweet dreams are made of this”

For this, this is true bliss

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The Tree of Life

I have seen the tree of life
She is loving, she is grand
Her thorns though soft cut like a knife
She blinds all those who take her hand

The tree of life she is astounding
Her leaves a peachy golden soft
Her fragrance spreads to her surroundings
She takes your life so much aloft

The tree of life she’s unforgiving
She doesn’t know just how to stop
She fears what lies beneath her top
A darkness not meant for the living

The tree of life does not need saving
She knows her leaves are falling
And for each I hear her calling
So lonely in her raving

I come alone to see her cry
Each tear leaving her dry
So I lay beside her in this cage
Watching the earth beneath us age

I have seen the tree of life

The tree of life looked right through me.

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