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Don’t do drugs. They’ll take away the suffering. The pain and all the heartache. That feeling in your throat when you wanna cry.

They’ll make you forget about the time you cried so long your eyes dried shut.

Yes, drugs are bad. Some keep you calm, some rile you up. All to make you feel good. As good as a slice of butter as it melts over the top of a fresh short stack. Some as good as the feeling of the first time you kissed her lips. Some so good, you’ll think to die.

They’ll keep you from feeling. But it’ll all be right here when you get back.

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Softly (short)

I want to hug you for five minutes,
or how ever long you’ll let me.
I want to feel your soft words
up against my cheek,

smooth vibrations, with a peak
I cling to, every vowel and every consonant.

Shallow breaths upon my neck,
spread warmth throughout my body.
Dilating my every vein and artery
as I kiss you, Softly
I touch your lips.

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Spring, the leaves on the trees
The calm in the wind
And all the things it carries
Like the life our love can

Here we’ll wait for flowers to bloom
Not knowing where our lives will go
Not yet old enough to care
But bold enough to dare

So I’ll hold you here, tight in my arms
I’ll hold you dear, when the time comes
Your hair a mess and mine is too
As we try to keep our hearts as two

Soon they’ll break apart to form just one
One from love and hope and all the fun

Our love unknown

Until no longer just a dream
But in my life the theme

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Faded Time

Time is relative, as we all know
Quick at pace in times of joy,
yet a morbid crawl in lack of muse

At long recap I wonder where the time went
Where at times led thinking
of those endless moments

Be quick to find your niche
You’ll soon cease to be free
As to escape, time is no loser

Memories like pictures ever changing
Click replay; I don’t want you to fade

Fade in to life
Fade in to time 

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It’s About Love

What is it? Who really knows
It should be easier
To love… What a joke
Can we exist purely alone?

Countless hours wasted on this blind pursuit
Such potential wasted on such uncertainty
What an unstable entity..
Love, pain in disguise

She loves me… She loves me not
Another tortured flower
Madness at its very core
Nothing done will change at all

To love, what a preposterous idea
Yet, when you’re lost inside
You think it almost magic
Oh how you crave it

You fall in to the void,
though dark, you have no fear
Then you wake up.

Just go away
Keep at bay
This longing
This torture

Ying and yang
Love and hate
Life and Death

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Where’s Bunny?

Keep on dancing with the leaves
Your eyes bright orange and pitch-black 
We linger on beneath the moon and trees
How we sway so forth and back

I see the light not far ahead
There, you stand as I go by
An aura of dusk around your head
Quickly! I say, time is but a lie 

Hop on by as I watch you clear your mind
Past is what we’ll think as changing
Here we have a new adventure to find
Squeeze my hand to keep from cringing 

I’ll try to hide behind this tree
You seem to find me every time
It’ll never change, I’ll hide and you’ll know where I’ll be
How I’ll search for you to call you mine

In dark, my light
You took my hand
Led the way without a fright
Thank you, my fluffy white friend

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10PM : ‘Can you call?’ I ask timidly
"I will later" you say reassuring 
Waiting for the phone I smile blindly
Time passes, but I don’t doubt a thing 

11PM : ‘She’s probably still busy’
I know she misses me as much as I do her 
Let’s watch something to make the wait easy
A movie seems too long, let’s try something shorter

12AM : ‘Are you still gonna call?’
I sit alone near the phone
Checking it as if I missed anything at all
The volume to the highest level shown

1AM : ‘She’s called later’ I say aloud
Let’s read Alaska in this wait 
I can’t wait to be on your cloud
My eyes beginning to feel faint

2AM : Disappointment seems to strike
My smile now a memory
Scrolling to see something I like
My mind now weak and weary

3AM: I write this poem 

You never called.

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If looks could kill

When my eyes meet yours
I fall into sheer bliss
I make mountains rise and the sun set 
I take in the world’s wonder all at once 

When you look into my eye 
I can see into your lovely soul
It is awe inspiring, it astounds 
As if looking into the universe, 
knowing you’ve found a center 

As I peer into your eyes 
My whole body shivers and quakes
I feel every hair rise,
and my capillaries dilate to form this blush
Colors begin to blend,
into a symphony of chromo-magnificence  

The way you look at me
I feel I can conquer the roman empire 
Fly miles above the earth 
Take back all the hurt and pain in the world 

I see your cheeks turn rosy red and I melt inside 
My being becomes so inexplicably unstable 
I fear I will spontaneously combust 

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The Sadness Factory


is where I go when I run out of
Missing You. Because the door

is three feet high, you have to crawl
into the Factory. Let me tell you

about leaving: it’s either the drain
or the window. The carpet

at The Sadness Factory is all shag.
The drapes? Also shag. The walls

are supposed to change…

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The Search

Up, down, left, and right 
I see the red sun over the horizon
It peaks like a little kid on Christmas eve
Unaware of his surrounding

As leaves fall from a tree near by
I feel a blast somewhere behind 

Boo! There is a ghost outside your window
Don’t let him in he’s full of fear
All his life he’d led a lie 
And now he wishes to come clear

Check for monsters down below
This light attracts all those unstable 
Their hands and head just shaking 
The world trembling beneath 

Certainty we cannot have, but faith is still near by
Look, see the comet as it runs across the sky


Take a moment just for peace
Take some time to find your ocean

Just keep searching

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