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What is life?

Earth, a rock just lying upon the grandeur that is life
life what we are living
life in all of us
what is life but a bit of conscious cells
all apart yet all together
we look past the illusion
look past our own eyes to se
the old man carry us along
we hope and dream
to one day become this old man
to carry forth our life
and give life to our children
life so beautiful and fragile
life so volatile…

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Let it pour

Let the rain fall, let it pour
it pours down and all around
around the trees
around the leaves
around the old forgotten mill
it turns and turns as we grow strong
a beat so sure to one day stop
stop and go the light has changed
so turn in to the alley way
and look deep in to the dark
the dark will show you light
and the light will show the way
the way we’ll see tomorrow
the way we’ll see each other

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Sick Tattoo

Here I lay beside you, not knowing just what to do.
Your warmth filling me like a heavy dose of happiness,
and although the room is spinning,
I rest easy by your side.
My head heavy and my heart racing,
as I keep you on my mind.
Your love like a temporary tattoo;
the night you stuck to me I was ecstatic,
and I loved looking at you every second therefore.
Yet, all along I…

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This first word was written out of need.
A need to hold and to be held,
a need all humans carry.
That need that makes babies cry at night,
That need that brings pain from all the longing in the world.
The reason for all those late night serenades and letters left in secret.
The source of why your mother calls you every time she steps in to your empty room.


And I need it so bad.

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Don’t do drugs. They’ll take away the suffering. The pain and all the heartache. That feeling in your throat when you wanna cry.

They’ll make you forget about the time you cried so long your eyes dried shut.

Yes, drugs are bad. Some keep you calm, some rile you up. All to make you feel good. As good as a slice of butter as it melts over the top of a fresh short stack. Some as good as the feeling of the first time you kissed her lips. Some so good, you’ll think to die.

They’ll keep you from feeling. But it’ll all be right here when you get back.

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Softly (short)

I want to hug you for five minutes,
or how ever long you’ll let me.
I want to feel your soft words
up against my cheek,

smooth vibrations, with a peak
I cling to, every vowel and every consonant.

Shallow breaths upon my neck,
spread warmth throughout my body.
Dilating my every vein and artery
as I kiss you, Softly
I touch your lips.

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Spring, the leaves on the trees
The calm in the wind
And all the things it carries
Like the life our love can

Here we’ll wait for flowers to bloom
Not knowing where our lives will go
Not yet old enough to care
But bold enough to dare

So I’ll hold you here, tight in my arms
I’ll hold you dear, when the time comes
Your hair a mess and mine is too
As we try to keep our hearts as two

Soon they’ll break apart to form just one
One from love and hope and all the fun

Our love unknown

Until no longer just a dream
But in my life the theme

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Faded Time

Time is relative, as we all know
Quick at pace in times of joy,
yet a morbid crawl in lack of muse

At long recap I wonder where the time went
Where at times led thinking
of those endless moments

Be quick to find your niche
You’ll soon cease to be free
As to escape, time is no loser

Memories like pictures ever changing
Click replay; I don’t want you to fade

Fade in to life
Fade in to time 

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